Why we love Google Home

So at the moment our days normally begin with…

“Hallie what noise does cow make”


“Hallie what noise does a lion make?”


“Hallie what noise does a horse make?”


Okay Google, what noise does a horse make”


Hallie laughs cutely for 5 solid minutes.
So that’s the educational stuff, you can ask it any question and get your answers.

FullSizeRender (10)

Here’s five ways it makes the parenting day run smoother

  1. “OK Google, play When I get up in the morning, Piccolo Music.” – this cheers Hallie up and keeps her entertained while I make her breakfast
  2. “OK Google, set a timer for 10 minutes” – so I don’t burn the breakfast
  3. “OK Google what is in my calendar for today” – so I don’t miss Music Bugs
  4. “Hey Google, whats the recipe for bolognese” – so I produce something edible
  5. “Hey Google, play Peppa Pig videos on Living Room TV” – to buy me some time to cook!

Basically Google Home is my new best friend on those solo parenting days where I need ten pairs of hands!

Thank you, Google.




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