Our top five books for toddlers and beyond!

Hallie has a lot of books and she is quite good at giving them all some attention, having said that, she does have some clear favourites and they are all brilliant in their own ways.


Number 5 in our Hallie & Mummy chart is…

5. Five little Ducks, this was a book we received from the imagination library (part of Dolly Parton’s initiative and is available in the UK just sign up here). It is a great little book as Hallie loves the song and making the ‘quack quack’ noise, her face lit up when she saw it and it brought the song to life for her.

4. That’s not my unicorn, this whole series is brilliant, Hallie has had these from a very young age as they are great for them to start reaching out and feeling different textures, a good sensory book.

3. Postman Bear, this book is by the creators of the Gruffalo, so the illustrations as similar and of the same high quality. Bear sends out invitations to his party and the readers can open the envelopes and the doors to the animals houses. Hallie has learnt to say ‘mole’ from this book so far and ‘cake’ – that is definitely from the book not from her mothers eating habits!

2. Dear Zoo, we love it so much we have it twice (mainly because the flaps get ripped off). This book helped Hallie learn her animals and the noises that they make, especially the lion ROARRRRRRRRR. I think this is a strong favourite with all the children I know.


1. There’s a monster in your book, our newest and most favouritististist, I didn’t know if it would be a bit old for Hallie, but again she has learnt so much from it. The book is very interactive and has the kids spinning the book, shaking it, blowing on it etc. Hallie’s favourite bit is shushing the monster to sleep. Great fun and fantastic for learning, five stars! Oh and it is by Tom Fletcher, who has started a book club for kids at WHSmith, which I am sure would be worth a look. Hallie even loves the video to advertise the book club!


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