Let’s make memories: Launching Digital Harmony

My sister and I have decided to launch a little side business – Digital Harmony.

The idea came from my sister making videos of my pregnancy and of baby Hallie’s first year. We like video editing (we both edit vlogs) so we thought we should put these skills into something good.

Everyone that watches these videos says how emotional it makes them and how they wish they could have their photos made into something similar to keep and look back on…now you CAN.

My favourite video is my pregnancy, right up until my baby is in my arms, take a look by clicking the link below…

Welcome to the World Hallie

We all take thousands of photos, of weddings, engagements, holidays, baby’s first steps etc, and they just sit on our phone or in ‘The Cloud’. Digital Harmony takes your photos and videos and put them into a lovely keepsake to look back on with your friends and family. Here’s a few ideas of what we could do…

Digital Harmony table of options.jpg

And here is the best bit, we currently have a competition to win a FREE video! Follow this link to Facebook to enter; CLICK HERE

Good luck x


We are nearly at the end of Female Entrepreneur Week, it has flown by. Each day there has been video’s with interesting content, from different entrepreneurs. The links get sent out daily and you can watch and take part at your leisure, which is great for us busy entrepreneurs!

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I have had two highlights this week, mainly because they apply more to me than the others, and I feel like I have taken something away from them.

  1. FEW Day 4 – Online Courses. Miranda Lievers, COO at Thinkific, taught us about online courses. My business CloudShed trains users on G Suite and Cloud products. We do these via Google Hangout’s (Google’s video call feature) for clients, but I wanted to be able to aim these at a wider audience and didn’t know what platform to use for this. I hadn’t heard of Thinkific and now I am very interested in knowing more, it sounds like the perfect platform for us to market and sell our courses. It might be one of our missing pieces.
  2.  FEW Day 6 – Do Facebook ad’s freak you out? Caroline Wood talked us through Facebook ad’s and how to use them in a cost effective way. I found this really interesting as I feel I have gone into it blindly and spent a bit of money here and there. Caroline showed a couple of models on the process we should be using and where we should be spending our budget. Brilliant.

It has been great to see people’s questions and where they are at with their businesses, and just to come together and share what we are all doing.

I look forward to the next one…

 If you haven’t checked it out already, take a look!

I usually separate my blog life and my work life (slightly), so when the opportunity came up to blog for Female Entrepreneur Week, I thought i was a great opportunity to bring them together. 

I started my business, CloudShed, over 3 years ago. We help companies move to ‘The Cloud’ and ‘Go Google’.  If you would like to see more about my business you can head over to www.cloudshedtraining.co.uk

Lots of mummies (& daddies) out there are entrepreneurs. Some were entrepreneurs before their babies came, and some become one in order to fit around your family life. Either way it is something worth celebrating! Sorry guys this one is for the ladies…

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Female Entrepreneur Week launches on the 21st of June 2017 and over the course of 10 days, female entrepreneurs from across the globe will be coming together virtually to celebrate FEW!

Led by 6 inspiring entrepreneurs, participants will get access to specialist tutorials, tools and training to help them start and grow their business.

Meet The FEW Crew
Over the course of FEW, participants will have access to the following training
  1. Pump Up Your Profits: Turn your dreams of consistent $5k months into your business reality – with Business Coach, Nadia Finer.
  2. Connect With Your Ideal Client – your first steps to selling – with Laura Robinson, digital copywriter & founder of The Worditude CluB
  3. Scale up – Leverage your time and expertise with a membership site – with Colin Pal from Thinkific.
  4. Be the Boss of Your Business Finances – with Jo Simpson, founder of the Financial Growth Academy.
  5. TUES 27 Become An Influencer – Develop your reputation as an expert using PR – with PR Coach & founder of The Publicity Program Becs Miller
  6. Build A Buzz – Use Facebook ads to attract an audience and new customers – with Facebook ads guru Caroline Wood
  7. Branding Essentials with graphic designer and founder of Designta Louise Clark.
Readers can sign up to FEW and access the free training and resources here:
www.femaleentrepreneurweek.com. So go sign up and enjoy!
Looking forward to chatting with you all about it over the next FEW weeks 🙂
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Blogging, where is it going? What will it look like in a few years?

I started my blog just over a year ago now, with the vision to stick to words and pictures. 10 months in I began to try my hand at vlogging as I saw the reach it has and it’s increase in popularity.  At first it was really strange but it just got easier the more I did it. The down side to vlogging is the lengthy editing process, so I predict we will see more apps in the market place to simplify this. Of course there is another way around this, and that is going LIVE! As vloggers confidence grows I think we will see much more live chats, product reviews, etc.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 17.15.56

The platforms you can use for blogging, vlogging and social media are increasing all the time.  If you write a blog post you will then Tweet it, then Instagram it, then Facebook it, then possibly add it to Stumble Upon, you might then Snapchat to connect to your audience or use your Instagram story, and the list goes on. Now there are apps and tools you can use to schedule posts and post them across multi platforms, but I predict as the platforms increase the apps will increase to streamline the process (I hope).

However just because we have the ease of access to use these platforms doesn’t mean we will use them straight away. Technology moves so fast, that sometimes it has to wait for us to catch up, especially if it involves a behaviour change that is out of our comfort zone, like vlogging. For example, about 3-4 years ago I invested in Google Glass, Google’s wearable technology, that you have to talk to. I thought it was a great product, but it was ahead of its time, people were not comfortable wearing the glasses and appear to be talking to themselves in the street. 4 years on I think we are heading towards this. We send voice notes more frequently rather than text, we video call over voice call, we have technologies such as Amazon Echo or Google Home in our homes that we talk to. I think vlogging will be similar to this and become more and more popular as people push their boundaries. Let’s face it most of us have the equipment to film a decent vlog on our phones or with our expensive camera’s we all went out and bought to get quality photos for our vlog.

I find myself  listening and watching vlogs over reading blog posts at the moment. It feels more personal and relatable, you can actually see the person in their day to day life, rather than imaging it. You feel a stronger connection to that person. Don’t get me wrong, a well written personal piece of writing, can connect with its audience just as well as a vlog, especially as I think it is easier to be honest in writing than it is in speech, but I do think vlogging popularity will increase. We like to multi task, I will listen to vlogs and podcasts whilst painting my house.

I don’t think blogging/vlogging will decline anytime soon. I think it is only going to grow from here and be driven by marketing and communication companies, so much so, more people will be earning a living from it. I asked my nine year old brother what he wanted to be when he is older, his response was ‘a YouTuber’. Young people are already seeing the career possibilities in communicating via a video platform. I feel like we are living in the future today, and it is only going to grow from here. Video seems to be the way forward, so let’s watch this space. Exciting.

The post was written as part of Innovation Company’s study on what bloggers see as the future of blogging –  http://innovationcompany.co.uk