About Me

My name is Jordan.

I am a 30 year old entrepreneur and enjoying my new(ish) role as Mummy to baby Hallie.

Two years ago I decided to go it alone and create CloudShed, an IT Consultancy specialising in G Suite. The world of IT is my comfort zone, my new world of Motherhood is something completely new and I will be using this blog to share my learnings and hopefully hear about yours.

If you are interested in..

  • Mummy stories
  • Mummy tips, tricks & product reviews
  • Tech stuff
  • Travel
  • FOOD

…then this is probably the place for you.

**As mentioned above I am a new mummy, therefore I am suffering from ‘baby brain’. If you like to read pieces of writing with next to no mistakes turn away now, this blog will be written in small snippets of time, possibly in the middle of the night, ergo mistakes will happen.**

If you would like to get in touch or chat about my ramblings or your own experiences tweet me @Jordan_JH, email me jordanjhughes1@gmail.com, if you like my pics follow me on Instagram jordan_jh

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