Gulliver’s Kingdom: A day out in Matlock Bath

After fancying a couple of days away last week, we decided on Matlock Bath. Part of the reason we decided on Matlock Bath was because it is home to Gulliver’s Kingdom, a theme park aimed at the 2-13 year olds.

We’ve taken Hallie to a children’s adventure land before (Sundown), so we knew she would enjoy it, and we were right. If you book a couple of days in advanced online it is £2 cheaper than paying at the gate on the day. Under 90cm are free and above that £17.95 each. If you have a look online you might be able to find some offers as well, I annoyingly saw one after.

I think this park has been around for a while (apparently I went as a very young child), and parts of it could do with a an upgrade, however the newer ‘Lost World’ was great with all the dinosaurs, Hallie was very impressed and wanted her picture taking with all of them.


The ‘boats’ were Hallie’s favourite, we love a water ride. It was very tame and I did think at one point we were going to remain stationary and be stuck half way through the ride, but it was very lovely and very relaxing, perfect for her age group…


There were a few rides Hallie could go on, but there is a lot more for the over 90cm and over 120cm range, the perfect age is probably around 4-6 years old, I would say.
We got lunch in one of the cafes, it sold fish and chips at a fair price. If we went again I would probably take a packed lunch, as that eating area wasn’t up to much and there are plenty of spots you can sit and eat your own food.

If theme parks aren’t your thing, and want to block out the screaming kids, there are plenty of view points…


The views are out of this world. One of the challenges of the park are that it is located on a steep hill. My advice would be to go to the top straight away and work your way down – DO NOT, I repeat – do not, go down to the bottom and then work your way back up – nightmare. There is a little conveyor belt to the very top – but I think it was out of order. You can also get a ski lift type ride from the top to the bottom, but I didn’t trust Hallie to sit still enough for that and Matt doesn’t like heights…

Parking could be tricky if you arrive later in the day, and again it is all up hill. That doesn’t matter too much though as there are two entrances, one at the top and one at the bottom – (you would have to walk uphill then though).

I think we might go back again when Hallie is older, if we are in the area.

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