The damage of social media: How will we keep our kids safe?

I am currently sat scrolling through Twitter, and I just stumbled across a really unpleasant thread, where a woman was enticing others to hate ALL men… yes I know this completely ridiculous, but she was scarily serious and making others feel ashamed to think anything different.

I really like social media, I like scrolling through Instagram and seeing happy families, unaffordable kitchens and a well dressed dinning room table, BUT what I don’t like, what really scares me, is the ‘trolling’, the hate speech, the bullying.
Why oh why do people think it’s OK to say things on social media that they wouldn’t dream of saying to someones face? People take on these different personas and don’t seem to know when to stop typing.

Luckily I am a grown up (ish) and I can put the phone down, walk away and erase what I have read and ignore the bullshit, but what about the young people, the kids that are just learning about the world and how it all works?
I grew up with minimal technology really, dial up internet didn’t get you very far and I didn’t join social media until Uni, but now social media is introduced to children at such a young age, an impressionable age and we need to be better equipped as parents to know how to keep them safe – but how?

There’s statements we all throw around – like – ‘well my child won’t be having a phone or going on social media until I allow it, when they are 16’, but lets be real and remember what we managed to get away with without our parents knowing, (I could sneak back into our spare room and fire up MSN without raising an eyebrow), and it is so much more accessible now.


I am not writing this post to give the answers, but more to share my worry and open a discussion. I am doing a bit of research and will post some links of where we can maybe start to equip ourselves with the knowledge to try and keep our children safe and educated. If you have any good resources please comment them below.

NSPCC – Keeping children safe online

Wired – Keeping kids safe online

Google – Safety for families

2 thoughts on “The damage of social media: How will we keep our kids safe?

  1. Katie Lees says:

    Good for you! This is something that concerns me as well. I like to think I’ve got a while to get organised before Charlie is interested in it but you’re right, it probably will be sooner than I think haha!


    • DisorganisedHarmony says:

      Yeah I think we have a while ha! But it seems there is a lot to learn before they get there. Hopefully by that time there will be better security and help


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