Tropical World: A day out in Leeds

I have been wanting to go here for a long time, and I am very glad we finally got around to it.

If you are in Yorkshire and fancy a tropical day out, this is the place for you. Hallie loves fish and small animals, so this was perfect for us. It is located at Roundhay Park in Leeds, the carpark is a small walk from the entrance, but it is all well signposted. 

It is £6.30 per adult, £3.10 for kids and under fives go free, winner. All in all, a very affordable morning/afternoon out, and I suppose you could make it last a day if you had lunch there and went round another couple of times.

Now I know it is called ‘Tropical World‘ but we were not prepared for the heat. My jumper came straight off and Hallie’s cardigan was slung to the floor.
I constantly keep telling suggesting to Matt he should wear his glasses more, and give his eyes a break from contact lenses…oops, probably no the best day for that…


Tip 1 Don’t wear glasses. Tip 2 Don’t wear many clothes.

We visited in the morning, and I think that was a good time, as it started to get busier as the day went on. There is so much for children to look at, from fish to butterflies and monkeys to turtles. One thing that made me happy is all the animals seemed well cared for. 


“Mummy I want to be in there with the fish” – Didn’t we all, we were beefing, I had to stop my sister from face planting the stream.

I won’t spoil all the fun by naming all the creatures you encounter, but I can say your children will not be bored and they might even learn a thing or two. I think it is really important for children to see animals in real life, they read about them in their books all the time, but there is nothing like bringing it to life for them, Hallie was naming animals I didn’t even think she knew, it was brilliant.


I have to say, Hallie was a lot braver than I was, she was right up in that snakes face, me however, I ran through the bat cave with my eyes shut holding onto my sister. I later found out Matt had been taking pictures to scare me to death with when I happily scrolled through his pictures that evening – payback for the glasses.
As we approached the bat cave Matt joyfully announced “Oh you know what’s next don’t you!”, he took far too much happiness in my fear.


At the end you have the choice to enjoy the cafe, or you can wander around the gift shop (which after going to Eureka! the day before, I realised most stuff was at least 30-50p more expensive). If you want to make a day of it you can continue your day in Roundhay Park and maybe even take a picnic.
There is plenty to do in the area though, we drove a short distance to a Pizza Express and took advantage of our O2 priorities vouchers, you can get a meal for £5 each. They are also running a deal where you can fill in a survey and get some free dough balls – perfect!

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