Sneaky Experience: Pirates & Mermaids

This weekends activity was Sneaky Experience’s Pirates and Mermaids Family Experience. It was at Kirkstall Abbey, which I had actually never been to before, but it was a great location for it, plenty of space and lots of ruins to climb over (not so ideal if you need to take a pushchair), but you could leave that in the main film showing area.

What was it?
It was a showing of Peter Pan & The Little Mermaid on the big screen, accompanied by various different activities for the children and FOOD!
Parking was easy, there were lots of spaces nearby and it was free.
As we walked up there was a huge queue, but this disappeared very quickly and we were soon in front of the big screen watching Peter Pan. We took some blankets, but some people took chairs, which was also allowed, it was a very casual atmosphere.

There was the Little Mermaid, Tinkerbell singing songs, an inflatable pirate ship, a sailor school, and a hula hoop class.


Under the sea!

Captain Hook put on a good performance with Peter Pan every hour. The kids seemed to love this one. Some of the activities were better than others – Captain Hook & The sailor were very engaging, the kids flocked to them. A lot of kids seemed to be enjoying climbing the ruins and racing around with Peter Pan.


A pirates life for me

What we loved
We enjoyed chilling watching the films on the big screen. They had a nice pizza stall, it was pretty delicious and we also indulged in a crepe with Nutella, which was also very yummy! And if you need it – they were selling alcoholic beverages! I would say a plus point to the event was that you could bring your own food in, so if you wanted to keep it cheap, you could bring a picnic.


Peter Pan on the big screen

I heard people say they had been to one of these events before and the activities were better, I have to agree that was probably the area it was lacking, but for £9, I did think it was good value for money. Maybe it would be better if they had more character/staff dressed up to help, as just one adult at each activity is tough when there are lots of kids needing entertaining.

What to wear
Dress up! You won’t be out of place if you dress up, we went with fairy wings and a wand, but some people had gone full on pirate family! I ordered Hallie’s from Amazon, but we picked some up from Pound World for a quid, bargain. Another outfit addition I would recommend is wellies, if it looks like rain or it has been raining then pack them, as it looks like it could get very muddy out there.

I have seen they have a Harry Potter themed one over the summer, now that could be VERY good.. I would go to one again, as Hallie really enjoyed it and I think most of the other younger kids did as well. I am not sure how long they have been doing it, but I am sure the more that the word gets out and more people go, they better they will be.

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