Normanby Hall Country Park: A family day out

Normanby Hall was my childhood spot, my family always took me there to feed the ducks, or climb the big old tree and visit the walled gardens. I love it, and love taking Hallie there as well, especially now it is even better than it was back then!

It is however a lot more expensive than it used to be, but I would say you get value for money, especially if you get a membership. Standard pricing is £7 per adult and free for the under 5’s or you could have a family membership for the year from £25, which is great if you plan on going a lot.

Our highlights;

The land train
When we were in Rhodes a couple of weeks ago we went on a land train and Hallie loved it, so when she saw something similar riding round the park, she was very excited! It’s only a pound each and doesn’t last too long, you might even spot some deer on the way round. It went passed the new Go Ape which looked like a lot of fun, everyone seemed to be enjoying it, I like to think I could do it, but it did look high.


Feeding the ducks
This is still my favourite activity at the park, I loved it as a kid and I still love it now. They have a lovely little gift shop where you can buy some bird seed (and the land train tickets). Hallie is a massive fan of ducks and enjoyed calling them over to eat the seed. Hallie’s aunties got a bit jealous and had to have a handful, followed by her Grammie (Grandma) needing a go!


Picnic on the grass
There is a cafe you can eat at, but it’s nice (and cheaper) to take your own and eat on the lovely lawn. You can have views of the trees, the pond, the train and the Hall itself. It is idyllic and there is plenty of room. Don’t forget to put your rubbish in the bin when you have finished, that is the only thing that could spoil it, people leaving their rubbish.

The new play area
We were lucky, as the day we went, was the day the new play area opened. There is still a play area for smaller children across the other side of the park, with a splash pad as well, but this is a whole new one! There is a pirate ship, lots of swings, a big sandpit with climbing frames in it. Plenty for children of all ages to enjoy, and all on some lovely soft, bouncy flooring.


You really could spend the whole day there, there is the Hall to explore, the walled garden, the deer park, the woods (with some hidden gems), and on Sundays they have the miniature train you can ride. There is lots of space so you can take your own activities as well, bat & ball etc.
It is safe to say this will be one of our number one spots this summer!

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