Babymoon idea: NYC the last hurrah!

You’re pregnant and want a last trip away with your partner or friends before the baby arrives, but where should you go? NYC that’s where! Well that’s where we went.
We decided on NYC as we love it but also knew we wouldn’t be back for a while once the baby was here – yes you can travel with a baby, but NYC with a baby is a bit different to NYC without a baby.

It was a bit of a treat, a last hurrah before we became parents, so we did have a few treats, like flying business class – which was the dream whilst pregnant, I wish I could have spent my entire pregnancy up there. Anyway here are a few tips on places to go for your Babymoon in NYC

Where to stay…

We stayed at The Viceroy near the Central Park area, a bit pricier but there was a deal at the time. We wanted something nearer Central Park so it wouldn’t be a long walk there for a pregnant lady who likes to spend a lot of time there.
The hotel was amazing, very modern but with tasteful dark woods and leathers. It had an incredible smell, that I think was the only smell I took pleasure in during my entire pregnancy.

Smells are an important consideration when pregnant.

Where to eat…

Another important consideration when you are pregnant and want all the foods because you have just got over all day ‘morning sickness’ at 22 weeks pregnant.


Rue 57 is really lovely for breakfast, it is near Central Park and has a nice vibe about on a weekend morning, not too pricey either. 

Brooklyn Diner is perfect for a casual diner breakfast, when you just need pancakes and bacon with lashings of syrup – YUM!

Sarabeth’s has a Central Park option right on the park, it is slightly fancier but ideal on a Saturday morning and I surprisingly saw some kids in there – but they were very well behaved. If you like Gossip Girl this is a place for you. 


Serendipity 3 well, not much needs to be said here, other than order this…
Sadly I was feeling ill this day so didn’t have much – biggest regret of MY LIFE.


Olive Garden is great when pregnant, when you need to carb up for walking around and want a cheap massive pasta dish.

Dos Caminos has to be one of my faves (great for a boozy brunch when you are not pregnant), but the food is so yummy, and the massive bowl of guacamole you get is enough to feed a family of ten – perfect!


Sparks is a very well known steak house and they made me a beautiful steak, even though it was well done to suit my preggers needs. Really welcoming and great atmosphere. 

River Cruises are one of the best ways to get amazing pics of NYC, but also great when you want to see the sites but not be on your feet all the time. A nice romantic time together, whilst relaxing and taking in the gorgeous views of NYC and the Statue of Liberty.


What to watch…

Last time I went to NYC I saw Groundhog Day and I was sceptical, but I soon realised it was going to be one of my fave shows of all time! I don’t want to give anything away because there are some great surprises. The acting was brilliant, it was funny and it was jaw droppingly impressive! 

I have also seen Wicked in NYC and that was equally as impressive. On our Babymoon we saw Jersey Boys which my partner loved, and the baby loved too as she kicked throughout! The music for that and the singing – just WOW.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 14.23.52

Where to go…

Walk the Highline, it isn’t too long and there are plenty of nice places to stop and sit along the way, they also have toilets up there. It is a disused rail line so you get some great views and a perfect way to walk down the city.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 14.22.42

Talk a walk in Central Park and enjoy the Zoo, we went to the Zoo for the first time there on our babymoon and I loved it. There is a great shop where I bought some soft toys, books and baby stuff to take home for our new arrival. Walk around Central Park as well and sit on the Met steps Xoxo

Met steps

Top Tips!

  • If you get tired of walking take an Uber, download the app before you go to save money on Taxis there.
  • Tell the hotel you are pregnant and you may get a pregnancy pillow on your bed
  • Take your pregnancy notes with you just in case
  • Duane Reade stock all the medicines you need and often have a doctor there too that you can make appointments with should you need it. They are on pretty much every corner.
  • Download the app Open Table to book your restaurants.
  • Book a car with Dial 7 from the airport, same price as cab and you get more room, with no waiting around.

I would just say if you are thinking of taking a Babymoon then DO IT. Nothing will be the same for you and your partner again, in a good and not so good way (in terms of time together), so it is worth having that special time together before it is all about the baby.

Not that I am moaning, my partner and I are going to a 5pm showing of the Jurassic Park tonight – rock and roll!

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