Ready, Set, BAKE!

The weather is crazy up and down at the moment, so we planned for rain yesterday and bought some baking stuff!

For Mother’s Day, Matt got Hallie & I a baking cookbook, and we hadn’t yet used it, so I let Hallie pick two recipes (one savoury and one sweet 😉 ) and away we went.


Now I am all for these parent & child cookbooks, BUT as good as they are, there is usually a lot of prep that is more adult stuff before you can get into the kid nitty gritty of mixing etc.
Hallie chose Focaccia (you can take the girl out of London) & chocolate brownies (winner!). But hang the heck on – a two year old making bread? no, no, no, Mummy kneading bread then letting it rise, then rolling it and then letting it rise again in the tray AND THEN letting your daughter decorate with tomatoes & basil etc – yes, the reality.


Step one – Make it & bake it

To make a Focaccia you can use your own bread recipe – or just got for the standard; strong white flour, yeast, little bit of salt, little bit of sugar and water – hey presto!

Then you just let it rise like you do with any dough, then roll it and stretch it to your baking tray shape and let it rise again, until you poke your holes in and add whatever toppings you like (if we had black olives they would have been great on there!).

Don’t forget to drizzle with olive oil & then BAKE!


Step 2 – Admire it (we used tomatoes, basil & rosemary)


Step 3 – Eat it

Brownies was slightly more catered to kids, apart from the melting the butter & chocolate part, the rest was steps Hallie could join in with and the chocolate fun began. Pouring the chocolate chunks in was a particular fave.


The struggle not to eat the brownie mixture is real!

Pretty impressed that both items turned out pretty good. Hallie clearly has a talent for this sort of thing.
I melted the butter and the chocolate, then we mixed it all in together; the eggs, the plain flour, the caster sugar, vanilla extract, the chocolate & butter and then whatever you fancy throwing in.
We went for standard chocolate chunks – the fear of Hallie not liking anything else was strong and I didn’t want to have to do it again :).
I think nuts & chocolate chunks would have been yummy!

We don’t bake together enough and this is something I want to change. Hallie enjoyed it so much and is still telling us she ‘cooked this’, she is very proud – well worth the mess.

Rainy(ish) day complete!

A fun lunch to make with your toddlers are pinwheels!

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