Our UK break @ Tattershall Lakes

For me, if the choice was between a week away in the UK, or a week in a hot country – the hot country wins. That said, I do like a UK short break in between holidays, and Tattershall Lakes was perfect for that.

I always said I would never stay in a caravan again, I hated them when I was little, but we gave it a go and for a weekend we loved it. We went to Tattershall Lakes in Lincolnshire with another family we are friends with. You couldn’t beat the price for what you got, the Caravan was clean and pretty big!

What we loved…

The Italian restaurant was yummy, there is a large bar/restaurant area that is noisy and very busy, but there is also a smaller restaurant upstairs that is quieter and much better quality. The prices aren’t too bad either! The chocolate brownie is yum!

They had some good activities, the main one being the high ropes, which my partner and kids loved. The instructor was great and can only take a few people at a time, so not much standing around. It is worth mentioning that you have to pay extra for the activities – even if you have an entertainment pass.


What wasn’t really our bag…

The pool left a lot to be desired. The booking of the pool is strange, you have to call at 08:00 or 13:00 to book a slot. This is mainly because the park has gotten so big, but the pool has remained the same size. This wasn’t made any better by the grim changing rooms. The pools itself is nice enough and has a good lifeguard there.

The kids evening entertainment was OK, the kids didn’t mind it, but they weren’t the best ideas – songs about different kinds of beans springs to mind. The kids much preferred the singers later on, and Gary Barlow was great, maybe they should have these on earlier than 9.30pm as the kids were ready for bed.

And the rest…

We were only there for a couple of nights, but had we been there longer we would have explored the castle nearby as it looked interesting. We spent a lot of time at the play park & mini golf was a lot of fun (and very quiet).
The onsite shop had a lot of stuff in it, and seemed to be fairly well priced, Hallie picked the biggest ball in the world and it was very cheap.


We agreed that should we go back again, we want to be one of the people who had a hot tub!

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