Yummy toddler pinwheels: Quick win

I love pinwheels! My toddler doesn’t mind them either, so they are a great choice for lunch or a quick teatime meal.

It is also a meal your toddlers can get involved with making!

Get yourself some frozen puff pastry, you normally get two in a pack and they defrost within a couple of hours, then you always have a sheet in the freezer as a back up.

  1. lay out the pastry and make some tasty sauce, you can use passata and I like to add some oregano and pepper, but you can add any flavours your kid likes.
  2. Spread it across the pastry and then layer with cheese, I like to use red cheese to add some colour.
  3. Pick your next ingredient, it could be strips of ham, pineapple, chicken… just lay it out, with the strips you are going to cut in mind.
  4. Then add some more cheese on top, and you are ready to slice it up!
  5. The fun bit – let them help you roll them up!
  6. Lay them out on some baking paper and pop them in the oven for 15 or so mins!
  7. Get ready to eat them! Lovely with some salad.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 17.43.46

On those days when you just need to be quick but healthy, use the microwave!


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