My top 5 home accessories: H&M, Next, Tesco & Oliver Bonas

We bought our house in Feb and spent a few months doing it up. We managed to keep some money to the side for accessories to make it more our own. We got some mixed budget items, some more expensive than others as a treat, but most very reasonable.

We have gone for the wall colours of grey white and some light pinks throughout, to keep it simple and used our accessories to lift it with blocks of colour.

1. I love this vase from H&M, I have it sat on the windowsill in the living room to add some colour. I also have a throw from there with similar colours in blocks. The rest of the room is decorated with quite neutral colours so this just adds a splash of colour.


H&M Home

2. Pineapple & watermelon candles from Tesco, there were about £1.50 each and sit either side of the vase for a hint of fun and pleasant scent, we never actually light them they just look cute! Also hours of fun for a toddler to stick their fingers in, if your windowsills are low enough 🙂 (obviously not whilst lit or hot, it is just naturally soft wax!)


Tesco Home

3. Oliver Bonas vase, this is a light green/grey colour and sits in the kitchen, but could pretty much go anywhere. It isn’t that big so is more for show, or Hallie and I like to pick the large daisy flowers that we grew and put them in there.


Oliver Bonas Homeware

4. Oliver Bonas doormat, so good I bought it twice (for the front & back door). The colours are bold with pinks, blues & greens and everyone comments on it when they come in. Practical for feet wiping but also adds colour to the hallway & kitchen.


Oliver Bonas Homeware

5. Oliver Bonas Carafe, this comes with cute matching glasses, I like to keep it sat on the dinning/kitchen table. Can be used for your favourite wine, water at dinner or just for decoration.


Oliver Bonas Homeware

I find buying home stuff addictive, especially since we bought our own place. I rented flats in London for years and spent hours on Pinterest planning my home for the future, so this year has really been a dream come true. Next year we will be concentrating on the garden and artwork for the house, it would be great to have a wall of art in the office and kitchen. We have decorated the whole house but will be adding accessories bit by bit as we save up again.

I love looking at other people’s houses and their decor, so planning on a home series of posts! I would love to see yours so make sure to link to them in the comments!


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