Day 2 inside with a sick toddler: WTH is with kids programmes these days?

Day 2 and Hallie is still not well, day 2 is always the worst because you are tired from being up with them the night before. You just want to pop out, anywhere, even a small walk, but you can’t.

So instead it is another day of Calpol and Peppa Pig. Children’s TV isn’t what is use to be. What happened to Sooty or Playdays. Does anyone remember Greenclaws? That was the BEST show, A huge green monster that lived in a greenhouse, that would put a seed into a tree with a very loud lady, and out would come an amazing plant, like a chocolate plant, great TV.


And what do we have to put up with now, Peppa Pig, who is pretty bratty and lives in a world where people don’t believe Mummy pig can hit the top of the hammer bell at the funfair. Today I downloaded the Peppa Cinema Experience for Hallie to watch, as a treat because she is poorly, she is currently loving it. No one warned me about the highly annoying beginning and in between bits, but at least I can leave the room here, I couldn’t have done that at the cinema!

Also I loved Postman Pat back in the day, but he’s changed. I feel it is a sign of the times that Postman Pat is over stretched in his job. He rarely completes a special delivery on time, and has the stress of the helicopter to contend with, as well as his van and bike. Poor Pat Pat, there’s just too much going on.

The only thing getting me through these shows (is blogging obvs) but mainly Hallie cuddles. All she wants to do is cuddle and its lovely, she is quite affectionate anyway but especially so today. I am hoping for a better night tonight, it is an awful feeling having to wake them up to give them medicine, but her temp was high so I had no choice. She normally loves it, but not at 2am. The only time you wake a sleeping child!

Cant wait for her to be better, hate seeing her poorly.


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