Poops, bogeys and snotty noses

How horrible is it when your little one is ill. I think the temperature bit is the worst, when they just don’t know what to do with themselves. Hallie woke up early from her nap and just kept repeating ‘hot hot hot’ over and over again. She didn’t even want her ‘bar’ (Goodies bars), so I knew something was wrong!

She is currently taking comfort with Peppa Pig and her Dumbo teddy, which she absolutely hates, but whatever she wants is fine. I sense a long night ahead, and to top it off I think I am getting it, which is good as I will know how she is feeling and can help her, but also bad as I will know how crap she is feeling. But we all know, if we do get sick, especially when our children are sick, you have to carry on regardless.

High temperatures always make me edgy, and very worried. Calpol is currently working its wonders and she is starting to feel a bit cooler (fingers crossed). It’s when they are so lethargic and a bit delirious that is really worrying, then they have Calpol and within half an hour they are more themselves again and you wonder how you got so worked up.

Tomorrow will be filled with lots of cuddles and ‘Peppa Pigs First Cinema Experience’, we missed it when it was at the cinema, sadly, but I think she deserves it tomorrow.

There has been two highlights of this spat of illness so far;

  • Hallie using my hand and arm as a tissue.
  • Hallie putting her snotty finger in my mouth


So it’s not all bad!

Hopefully she will be feeling better by tomorrow, and won’t have too bad a night. But if she did seem to get worse, I wouldn’t hesitate to call NHS 111 to speak to somebody, or if I was really worried I would go to A&E. Nothing is more important than your children’s health, you are not a burden to anyone.

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