Should you be using Gmail?| Great for bloggers & families!

AOL, Outlook, BT, Sky – the list goes on, but it always surprises me when people don’t use Gmail, when the fact is you are getting so much more than email and all for free. I could count the reasons for days why I love Gmail, but I have listed but a few. If you want to ask me more about it, or how to get started, just drop me an email!

It’s for freeeeeee
15gb of storage and it is all for free! That is for your mail, but also docs and photos. You can upgrade your storage for very reasonable costs!

There is so much more than just email…

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 18.02.31

You can share the docs your create in Drive with other people, great if you are working on content together, or simply planning a trip or organising an event!

Easy access
Download the apps your phone and devices – and yes it works offline!

Why are you paying for Skype?
When you can use Google Hangouts for free, free chat and video calling.

It is powered by Google Search
Don’t waste time looking for emails or docs, use the search and save yourself minutes at a time!

Seriously take a look. You will not regret it.


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