Taking it easy after a C-Section: A few tips


Things can be tough after a c-section, but because you have a new, beautiful baby, you hardly even notice. I guess that’s the trouble, you are so busy with your baby it is hard to make time for yourself, for you to heal, but you must. It can seem a long road, when all you want to do is care for your baby and get out and about, but don’t push yourself, if you take your time it will happen quicker!

Here are a few updated tips from my experience post c-section…

  • Don’t lie in bed; get moving as soon as possible and get a shower it will make you feel better, (don’t shower alone, my mum helped me, but the nurses on the ward can help too).
  • Look at the stitches; I didn’t dare look and made my mum look at first, when I did pluck up the courage I wished I had from the start as it wasn’t bad at all, and it made me feel better. Also if there is any change with them, at least you will know, and you can see your wound heal.
  • Get some huge knickers; you will not regret it, and yes you will wear them for way longer than you need to, they are just TOO comfortable! Some nice high waisted knickers, a size bigger than normal, and they will sit nicely above your scar area.
  • You will have a lot of tablets to take home, but don’t worry, they will help you and don’t forget to take them!
  • Take your injections, all of them; it isn’t a pleasant thought, but they are honestly not too bad, and if you don’t want to inject yourself ask your partner or friend.
  • Pain is there for a reason, so listen to it; don’t do too much, your body will tell you when to slow down, but don’t over do it as your tablets will mask your aches and pains at first, so just chill!
  • Sleep (ha!); this might sound impossible, but your baby sleeps a lot in the beginning, so leave that housework, lean on others, and take a nap.
  • Don’t bend down! Get a litter picker, lifesaver. Put everything at your level, in baskets with all the baby stuff in, so much easier.

It can be a frustrating time, but all you need to worry about is recovering and doing what you can for your baby. Take advantage of the time to just sit and cuddle your baby, whilst watching boxsets – bliss.



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