Tomorrow I am 31 | 31 things I have loved this year

Well tomorrow I turn 31, and as usual, I don’t know where this year has gone. I think I have been tired 98% of the year, and had some tough times, but mostly I have had an amazing year. I decided to make a list of everything I have loved this year, and think it is pretty good that I have had 31 amazing moments…

  1. Hallie’s first christmas
  2. Hallie’s first birthday
  3. Passing my driving test
  4. Getting my first car
  5. Our family holiday in Rhodes
  6. Our holiday with friends in Lanzarote
  7. Work trip to NYC with my sister
  8. Buying our first house
  9. Getting my dream kitchen
  10. Several afternoon tea’s at Bettys
  11. Starting a new side business with my sister
  12. Continuing my main business
  13. Continuing to enjoy blogging
  14. Eating so many good steaks
  15. Listening to Hallie say her first words
  16. Watching Hallie take her first steps
  17. Growing my own fruit and veg
  18. Running a successful Macmillan Coffee morning
  19. Watching Ground Hog Day on Broadway
  20. Taking Hallie to her first party for her friends first birthday
  21. Watching Hallie on her first bike
  22. Attending my friends engagement party
  23. Find a new coat I like, after two years of searching
  24. Taking Hallie for her first proper shoes
  25. Spending time with family
  26. Hallie’s first Christmas tree day, with her falling asleep in her dinner
  27. Hallie falling asleep in her Christmas dinner
  28. Decorating our new house
  29. Lots of trips to Harrogate for the weekend
  30. Being told I look like I am in my early 20’s
  31. Spending more time as a family.


Hope this year is just as good if not better! My sister and I sat and made a list one New Years Day, a list of everything we wanted to achieve that year, and most of that came true. With that in mind, I am going to write myself a list for this year, I think it is always good to have goals and a rough plan in mind.

It is a very short post today, as I have had zero time to plan for this one! This Blogtober is hard, but I am determined to complete it, and got some great posts planned before it finishes!

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