Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn: Great hotels for families

This week, for work, I have been staying in the Holiday Inn in Peterborough. I have stayed in a few Holiday Inns now, but not with my family – probably because I stay in them for work! During my stay this week, I have seen more and more reasons families should be using them. My top reasons being…


  • Kid’s eat free!
  • There is a pool suitable for kids
  • Plenty of space in the room, even if you have to have a cot in there
  • Huge bed, if you have to have the in kids in there
  • Option for room service if you don’t fancy the restaurant
  • Friendly staff
  • Great room prices

Based on the price, I almost didn’t book it, as it seemed too reasonable. I was very surprised when I walked in, the atmosphere and the decor were lovely and the staff couldn’t do enough to help.

The only downside of the hotel would be the lack of staff at breakfast, there was one poor woman rushed of her feet, so there was a bit of a wait. There is a buffet breakfast with everything you could want, so plenty for fussy kids (and adults). It did have a slight corporate vibe with it being a weekday, but I am sure that changes at weekends!

There are a lot of Holiday Inns across the country, so gives you plenty of choice of places to visit. Travelling with kids can be stressful, and there is always the dread of the hotel not being up to scratch or clean enough, so if you can find a chain (within your price range) that does this, it can take some of that stress away! Also how good is this message…


Sorry about the photo, there was a lot of mood lighting near the lifts

Give them a go.

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