This week, I am a working Mum: A few musts when working away

I am a working Mum again this week. I work contracts, so sometimes it is really busy and others I can spend more time at home. This week it is busy so I am away three nights, THREE NIGHTS.

The first night I was all nervy and missing Hallie, I am still missing her on the second night but feeling much more relaxed and enjoying a chill out after work. Today I delivered three G Suite training sessions and on my lunch I went to Wagamama! That may not sound like anything too exciting, but I don’t normally get much of a lunch, never mind one out side the house! I cheerily scrolled through my emails, read a bit of Twitter and just generally browsed while I ate my fave Yaki Soba with steak. So, so good.

Tomorrow I have three more sessions and possibly a cheeky Nando’s on is on the cards.

I video called Hallie whilst she ate her tea so I feel like I have seen her, she is happy with Daddy and sleep at her Grandma’s tonight, so it is all fun and games for her too. So tonight (your last night) and tomorrow night (your tonight), then I am home on Wednesday afterwork, and I didn’t drive so I can READ on the train, it really is the little luxuries that make the difference.


It isn’t the easiest thing, leaving your child to go work away, but it doesn’t have to be the worst thing either. A few of my Mummy musts when working away;

  • Take something to pamper yourself, a face mask is always a good bet, or nail varnish to do your nails
  • Book a hotel with a gym (and a pool if you can)
  • Have room service, so you can eat and chill in bed, relaxing!
  • Have a nice long bath
  • Video call your child, so you feel like you have seen them
  • Batch cook some meals before you go, so you feel you have contributed whilst you’re gone
  • Get the train, so you can read and have some you time on the train

Be happy. You will be home soon enough.

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