Five things I have realised since becoming a parent

Todays blog post is short and sweet, as I am travelling down to Peterborough for a few days to deliver some G Suite training. The usual mixed feelings are going on, on the plus side I get uninterrupted sleep, on the down side I don’t see my little Hal’s. However it makes coming home all the sweeter, and it’s my birthday this week, so lots to look forward to.

There are literally hundreds of things I have realised since becoming a parent, from – just because a baby has pooped 10 times that day, doesn’t mean there isn’t anything left to poop – there always is, to – 7am is actually a lie in. But I have put together my top five realisations, that I think are the biggies;

  1. thought I had been tired before, had I balls! I was positively energetic all the time
  2. Some people will never get the whole ‘you had a baby thing’ – don’t waste your time, if they can’t accept your life has changed then move on without them
  3. Your parents weren’t lying, kids cost a flipping fortune! Anyone that says it doesn’t have to, are lying, even if you budget it still costs a lot. Of course it is all worth it though.
  4. You toddler will do something you’d rather they didn’t and there won’t be anything you can do to stop it, seriously it’s just how their brain works/develops sometimes and no reflection on you (don’t believe me? Google it).
  5. If you can’t multitask, then you are pretty much screwed.


Like I said, so many more! What are yours?


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