Cold Feet gives me hope | Letting go of the stresses

Last night was Friday night, and instead of cocktails and prosecco, it was Cold Feet and calling eBay to stop a hacker using my account. Rock ‘n’ roll! I love Cold Feet and think the newer series are really just as good as they were before, so nothing was going to stand in the way of me watching it.

In the programme they are now in their late 40’s early 50’s and are all really coming full circle, they have had their kids and their success, but have either lost it or are still looking for more.

I found a weird sense of hope and comfort in this, especially from a parenting point of view. At every stage of my daughter growing up I seem to not have a clue what I am doing. All their children on Cold Feet are teenagers and they still don’t have a clue what they are doing. They are still trying to sort out their romantic relationships as well as their friendships, and they are all still searching for that peak in their career.

I think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves, we want to be the perfect parent, we want to succeed to a standard we are happy with in our careers, we want the dream salary, we want to be as happy in our relationship as everyone else is. We always want more. But like them, maybe we will never

  • be the perfect parent – but maybe we will be the best we can be
  • have that point in our career where we think we have made it – when really we reached a commendable point a while ago
  • have a clue what we are doing with anything – what’s wrong with winging it?
  • answer the questions each stage of our lives bring us – where’s the fun in knowing everything?
  • fill that rainy day fund with those well earned pennies – maybe holidays and splashing out will make us happier

My partner and I at the moment are really making the effort to realise what we have and be grateful for it. In a way we are very lucky to have what we have, but we have also worked hard to get to this point.

We have bought a house this year and completely renovated it, but still we beat ourselves up about money and other things we still need to do. I don’t know why, we have done well. So from this day we are going to let go of the stresses (which includes some people), and allow ourselves to be happy and grateful, because we will never have it sussed completely and we need to make our peace with that, before we at the wrong side of 50 and still searching for more.


More prosecco less eBay on a Friday night

P.S. eBay were very helpful and stopped the fuhackers in their tracks!

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