Need for speed: be healthy with the microwave

There is so much more to microwaves than frozen micro meals. I moved away from the microwave for a while, before I had a toddler and didn’t need to cook quickly, all day every day! But now I am back and loving the microwave! My toddler LOVES food, I cannot express how much, and if it isn’t available as soon as she is hungry, let’s just say the Hulk has nothing on her. So with that in mind I started to use the microwave more.

I would say the most important thing for parents when cooking for their children, is that it is healthy, and I don’t think people associate that with a microwave – but that is wrong! A lot of recipes you find online for the microwave, such as ‘mug recipes’, are American and have their microwave timings, but we can recreate these in the UK! We have great microwaves that now offer healthy options, such as steam combination cooking, which boasts the steam to preserve vitamins, therefore making them a healthier option – more info @ microwaves in the UK by Panasonic.

I was watching This Morning not long ago, and they had a chef demonstrating healthy meals in a mug, cooked in the microwave! Holly admitted her mother cooked all their meals using the microwave including a whole chicken! This got me thinking back to my mum doing the most fluffy scrambled eggs in the microwave, a lightness you just can’t get in a pan!

We had a few common microwave faves;

  • Scrambled eggs with butter and milk yum!
  • Jacket potatoes – my sister won’t even eat one that has been in the oven as she prefers the texture from a microwave.
  • Frozen vege – this is so much quicker and you can add a small knob of butter for that extra bit of yum!

However, if I was to use the microwave more, I had to broaden my horizons and find some more recipes that worked for our family. Some of our new faves are;

  • Microwave quiche (in a cup) – eggs, ham, milk, cheese, spring onions? peppers? whatever you fancy, throw them in the mug and cook for a couple of mins – great breaky idea.

For this crustless quiche I used 2 eggs, splash of milk, pepper, cheese, spring onion, tomatoes & parsley

  • Fish & vege parcel – wrap them up in greaseproof paper, season and let them cook for at least 5 mins (or until done)
  • Microwave sweet potato crisps (or other vege, maybe kale?) – slice, toss in a small amount of oil & pop them on greaseproof paper, then cook until crispy.

All quick, easy and nutritious! What microwave recipes do you swear by? Share them below…

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