A little bit of extra magic

So let’s talk Christmas, I know, I know, I know, it’s October, but stay with me here.
To add a little bit of extra Christmas magic, you need to be prepared in advance so listen up…

I remember when I was little, my Dad came home one day with a letter from Santa. Looking back it is quite clear he printed it at work and added some clip art, but to me it was the most magical piece of paper and there was no doubt in my mind it was from Santa. I knew that when I had children I would want to create that very same magic for them, but how? I have some photoshop skills, but I don’t think I have wording style of Santa or that magical touch. I didn’t need to give this much more thought as I asked to review Lapland Mailroom.com and they were just what I was looking for!

LapLand Mailroom send letters from Santa to your children with the personal touch. It is a simple and clean website, which is great, they haven’t over complicated things. You get three letters to choose from, all with slightly different wording, and of course a specialised ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ letter – what a cute keepsake.

Don’t call him Santa? no problem just select Father Christmas on your personalisation options. You can even add you child’s best friend into the letter (making it so much more exciting for them).

They don’t overload you with extras there are just a couple, one is a nice list child certificate [which is currently FREE] and an activity pack that you can add on at checkout. I have ordered these and personalised these for my little girl, so I will follow this up post when it arrives.

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 21.48.24


If you want to check out postal dates there is a page for that, so you don’t miss the last post!

Oh and I almost forgot, here’s a code for 20% off xmaspromo17

Ho ho ho!

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