Watching their imagination grow

My new favourite part of being Hallie’s mummy is watching her use her imagination when she plays. I guess in her head, she has probably been doing that for a while, but now she can vocalise and communicate more, I too can see it. I really believe that toddlers learn so much through playing, whether it be with other children, with their parents or even on their own. Hallie has amazing concentration skills, she will sit there until she has finished learning what she set out to do, so I think it is important to give her plenty to concentrate on.

She has always really liked the Happyland toys since we got her the nativity last year, so this month I decided to treat her on the ELC 3 for 2 offer. She was allowed the two Happyland toys now, and an easel (that Santa is going to bring) at Christmas.

Her reaction to the toys arriving was just too cute so I had to share… ​​

Mummy wasn’t unboxing them quick enough for her, but when I got my act together she was over the moon.

Once she started playing I realised how much she has changed in the last month. She was putting the people to bed and telling me to shush, they were getting bathed but weren’t happy that there wasn’t any quack quacks in there, and of course then they had their din din.

I knew the farm would be a success as she loves animals and can do pretty much every animal noise. I wanted to help her develop on that with the animal names and show what they do, to the farm was perfect for that.

Their imagination grows so quickly and toys like these build on that and let them use those imagination skills. She had that farm running like a dream and then housed the farm workers in the gingerbread house – perfect combo!

What toys have you noticed developing your toddlers skills? Please feel free to share below, I could do with some Christmas pressy idea’s!


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