5 things we can’t wait to do this autumn

This time last year Hallie was only 8 months old, so she wasn’t walking and she certainly wasn’t running around. Now at 19 months old (almost 20 months) and she is everywhere, but I love it. It feels like such a fun age, she can communicate with me, which still surprises me everyday and makes me smile every time I hear say a new word.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 21.15.08.png

As a kid, autumn was always one of my favourite times, it just felt magical somehow, and it always felt like there was so much fun to be had; my birthday, Halloween, Children in Need, Bonfire Night and then before you know it, it’sssss Christtttmasssssssss. Now Hallie is old enough, I can take those moments and recreate the fun with her…

Runing through the leaves, in wellies at our local park, is there anything better than that? And of course splashing in muddy puddles.

Looking for conkers, acorns and brightly coloured leaves and make them into ‘art’. So simple but so fun. Drawing round leaves and sticking them down, and if we are feeling really arty we can attempt some animals out of them.

Carving and decorating pumpkins or swedes. Obviously Hallie won’t be up to carving yet but I plan on decorating them with her instead, with brightly coloured paints and ghoulish white for the ghosts…

Making pumpkin soup and eating hot dogs on bonfire night whilst watching the sky light up. Not sure how Hallie will take fireworks, so we might get some sparklers so her dad can write her name in the air whilst we watch – from a safe distance haha!

Having lazy days on the sofa whilst it rains outside and we watch Disney inside. This has already started to happen, and I love it! Hallie is a very lively toddler and love that she is starting to enjoy some chill time together. Even if it is the same films on repeat, anything is a welcome break from Peppa flipping Pig!

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 21.15.08

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