Rainy days and crafty days

The rainy days are becoming more frequent and parents everywhere are running low on activity ideas. Christmas is round the corner so we all need to be counting the pennies.

Hallie and I headed to The Works and grabbed ourselves a couple of bargains! **Currently The Works are doing 5 books for £5!** There are so many to choose from!

We also managed to pick up a little bird house that was ready to decorate, so that became our rainy day activity at the weekend.


She loved this activity and the birds house was only **£2**! I managed to get some washable Crayola kids paint for £7.99 & some spill proof paint cups and brushes £7.99 from amazon. You get 10 decent size paints that will last you a fair few painting sessions!


So far so good with the spill free

We were both pleased with the final result and will be weather proofing it and putting it in the garden so we can watch the birds enjoy (another free activity).


The nice new kitchen floor did see some paint action, but it is washable! So who cares. Hallie was quickly remembering which colour was which as I called them out and took a shine to orange (as you can see). We will be heading back to The Works soon to see what else we can pick up!


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