Let’s make memories: Launching Digital Harmony

My sister and I have decided to launch a little side business – Digital Harmony.

The idea came from my sister making videos of my pregnancy and of baby Hallie’s first year. We like video editing (we both edit vlogs) so we thought we should put these skills into something good.

Everyone that watches these videos says how emotional it makes them and how they wish they could have their photos made into something similar to keep and look back on…now you CAN.

My favourite video is my pregnancy, right up until my baby is in my arms, take a look by clicking the link below…

Welcome to the World Hallie

We all take thousands of photos, of weddings, engagements, holidays, baby’s first steps etc, and they just sit on our phone or in ‘The Cloud’. Digital Harmony takes your photos and videos and put them into a lovely keepsake to look back on with your friends and family. Here’s a few ideas of what we could do…

Digital Harmony table of options.jpg

And here is the best bit, we currently have a competition to win a FREE video! Follow this link to Facebook to enter; CLICK HERE

Good luck x

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