Food! Glorious food…

Whenever I tell people this problem I am having with my 14 month old, they say I am so lucky, and in a way I am. Hallie will eat pretty much anything, which is great, the problem is she won’t stop eating it.

Hallie has a really balanced diet and trust me she is definitely getting enough food (if not too much), but there is just no filling her. Every mealtime begins with cries as I am preparing her food, I have even starting doing her lunches in the morning so they are ready to go. I have tried healthy snacks in the day, but this just makes things worse, if she has a snack at 10:30/11am she just cries as it wasn’t enough and she wants her full lunch, this is the same in the afternoon also.

At the end of mealtime I hold my breath hoping tears are not going to follow after her three course meal…

I would love to know if anyone else has this problem or any advice? At the moment I am just going with it, as I figure she must need it. She is a sturdy 14 month old, but she isn’t by any means overweight. She also still has a bottle at night, but has lost the two in the day, so maybe just needs more to cover this. As I say, meal ideas and snack ideas aren’t the issue as she loves it all! I have to eat my lunch at the same time or I end up sharing it, even if she has had hers.

It is quite funny at times and cute, but my gosh those tears are wearing me down! My friends are always surprised at how much she eats, she sits next to their children playing with her food and can eat an adult portion!

Anyway, moan over, she eats and she is healthy so I can’t complain too much. I just feel I am a bit alone with this as everyone else seems to have the opposite problem?!

Oh well, she is one on her own that’s for sure.

If you have come across this, comment below! Would love to know what you did etc…

2 thoughts on “Food! Glorious food…

  1. honest_motherhood says:

    My little boy is like this he just eats and eats! We find distraction good so lots of arts and crafts, sensory play etc. So you know there still getting what they need at meal times, snacks but keeping her busy maybe. I know how hard it is I feel like I feed mine every 30 seconds! X


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