What a gate day

Today marks my second Mother’s Day. 

After receiving lots of lovely gifts, I took the opportunity to have some time for myself this morning and went to see Beauty & the Beast with my Mum. It was incredible, I mean I was expecting big things, but it surpassed all my expectations. So much so we both decided we could have gone again tonight. A MUST see. I enjoyed some time out of the house with my Mum and being child free, but I did start to get the mummy fear half way through the film and had to text Matt to check on them. 

We came home and had a lovely afternoon tea, whilst Matt completed the challenge we had been putting off…putting up the stair gates. It had to be done, Hallie is OBSESSED with the stairs. She can cutely sit on the bottom step playing for a long time, but she can also dart up them in 10 seconds flat. 


What is this, prison?

She hasn’t thrown too many strops so far…I think I have reacted more. Let’s face it they are annoying (the stair gate not Hallie), I will be limiting my trips up and down the stairs, but it isn’t just that, it feels like another milestone. In the last month she has become a confident walker and stair climber, now we have gates it just makes her seem so much more grown up. It feels like two minutes ago she couldn’t roll over, now she can scale a staircase. 

For those of you looking for a stair gate, we got the Lindham Easy Fit, fairly straight forward but check the measurements before you buy, you may need and extender kit. It feels secure and easy to open and close. We were worried about marks on the walls (as we are still living at my Mums while we renovate the house), but they provide soft pads for you for where the stair gate meets the wall.

A family wasn’t in our plan to begin with, and more children isn’t either (so far, never say never), so I try to make the most of every moment and have a tinge of sadness thinking – that is that stage over, I won’t get that back again. Parenting is an emotional rollercoaster. So much so, I had to curl up on the sofa this afternoon and enjoy a nap – bliss.

BTW isn’t it just typical a day dedicated to us Mum’s lands on a day that is only 23 hours long, pfft! 🙂

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