My baby is 1 (baby party ideas)

My baby girl turned one at the weekend and I really can’t believe it. I have never known a year pass as quickly as that, but at the same time we seem to have fitted so much in.

We decided to have a nice little party at home (well at my mum’s as we are currently moving house). I wanted to spend as much of the day as possible with Hallie so I ordered all the food from M&S and decorated the house the night before. I did however want to make her birthday cake. It just felt like a special thing to do for her on her first birthday, and I am glad I did as it didn’t turn out too badly, for an amateur (I can post the recipe in my food section of this blog). 


Cake topper from OhSoGlitter on Etsy

I know we go to all this effort and they won’t remember it, but the point is they enjoy it at the time and so do their family and friends. With that in mind I thought it would be nice for her to have to memories and wishes written down to keep, so I looked for a time capsule. This worked perfectly and everyone wrote a message and placed it into the box, ready for Hallie to read on her 18th. We will also be putting some of her baby things in there, along with a bottle of champers :).


Time capsule from Dellers Designs on Etsy

We kept the decor to gold and pinks. I came across Ginger Ray (Not On The High Street stock their stuff), they have beautiful party accessories, I got the plates, napkins, straws and banners from them. They were stunning all together.


M&S is always a good bet for party food. We ordered the usual sandwich platters and party platters, but we also got children’s jellies, cakes, jigsaw sandwiches, caterpillar rolls and fruit kebabs.


I ordered the cake stands on Amazon

And of course entertainment wise the children had many toys to choose from, but we also decided to rent a small ball pool that went down a storm! We made a baby party playlist of songs from Hallie’s music tots class and disney tunes (with a bit of Ed Sheeran thrown in as he is Hallie’s new fave). Nothing else is needed really.

All in all it was just the day we wanted for her and to top it all off my sister made another amazing video of Hallie’s first year…

Here’s to the many parties to come.


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