It’s February and i’m back!

Hello, hello, hello!

After making it quite far into Vlogmas, I haven’t vlogged or blogged since. The reason Vlogmas ended was due to my Macbook cutting out on me, I was pretty gutted, but there is always next year.

My Macbook was returned to me last week, ahhhhhh so good to have it back. Google I love you and I love Chromebook’s, but there is nothing quite like a Macbook.

I have had a month off blogging (due to the Macbook) but also due to us MOVING HOUSE THIS MONTH. It is actually happening (well hopefully), we are just at that really shit solicitor searches bit, where you don’t have a move date, but it could be really soon but you don’t know, so you can’t book kitchen refits or painters, you just have to wait it out.

We currently rent in London and have to leave on the 25th of this month, so here’s hoping we have a house to move into. I am such a planner and organiser, and the fact I can’t update pretty much any of my ‘house move project management (Google) spreadsheet’ is driving me mad, but hey i’m chilled…

So we are making the move from London back up north to be near family, friends and affordable living. There are things I am going to miss about London and a few worries, such as;

  • No Deliveroo in my new area, no more Wagamamas from the comfort of my sofa, and even worse than that, there is NO Wagamamas where we are moving to.
  • No Waitrose delivery, that makes me sound like a d*ck but now and then (on my partners pay day) I like a Waitrose shop, but no more…or is there…BAM in your face new town because I CAN get an Ocado shop that do Waitrose goods, win.
  • No tube or regular bus service. I can’t drive yet and there will be no more hopping on a bus every 5mins or a tube every 2mins and even worse than that no Uber. 
  • Being so far from NCT friends. We started this parenting journey together and we still continue to support each other through each different stage of our babies growing up. I will be making the effort to come and visit and hopefully won’t get ejected from the Whatsapp group 🙂
  • Not being near my sister, this by far will be THE toughest part. She loves Hallie and has been a huge support to us. 

But I am sure the good will outweigh the bad. We will have a nice house with a lovely garden for Hallie. We will have a bigger support network and a more affordable lifestyle. I love London, but I see it through different eyes now I have Hallie, and that’s not to say we won’t be back, but while she is so young she needs to be near family.

We have a lot planned for this year both family wise and work wise and I hope to take you all with me on that journey, as it is on my New Year list to continue blogging regularly, it has nearly been a year!

So there we go, i’m back!

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