We’ve hit a tough stage

Wow. Hallie is nine months old. I don’t quite know how that happened, but it has. She is standing up now and crawling all over the place. She eats mashed foods and gets better with ‘solids’ every day. She says ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’ and a few other things…all going to plan…


No it bloody well isn’t.

Hallie has hit a stage I didn’t even know about, no idea what it is called (I did read what it was called but my brain is mush and it has fallen out), we call it ‘this is hard’, ‘I’m so tired, I have never been this tired!’, ‘why doesn’t she want to sleep anymore?’ ‘What the hell is going on?’ stage.

I thought she might be ill to start with, but then she seemed fine and it went on and on. Then I picked up my phone and looked at the Mummy WhatsApp group and saw that we are not alone…all the babies are doing it. The babies no longer want to go to bed, they want to play and play and play. Hallie was really good at going to bed, she does love a good sleep, but now when we lay her down her eyes shoot open and she SCREAMS like we have just gently placed her into a snake pit.

We feed her, we change her, we play with her, we rock her, we sing to her, we reassure her and nothing works. Every night this week we have been in bed and Hallie is still awake with us, and we are just willing her to go to sleep so we can. Matt has to bounce her on his knees until she falls asleep, but this only happens around midnight. If we are lucky she goes down. Then the fun starts…then she wakes up constantly through the night for me to comfort her or give her a dummy.

Oh and we have tried to leave her to it in her cot, but then she head bangs! And I am so scared she will do herself some serious damage. 

Eventually it is morning, and morning is THE best time, she is so lovely and we play and everything is amazing again…until NAP TIME! And it all starts again.

I should mention on top of this, she is clingy, very very clingy. Which is lovely, until you can’t pop in the kitchen for a drink, or go for a wee. She has an amazing playpen…


This was when it was first put up, it is now full of toys

But will she sit in it without me, will she heck. She grabs my legs so I cannot leave, and if I do escape her clutches, yep you guessed it, she screams. 

So yeah we are tired, and if you are also going through this, I feel for you. It is probably one of the hardest stages so far and hoping we get on top of it by Christmas. A friend has sent some pages from ‘The Baby Whisperer’, and some things we already do, but we could step it up a bit. It is just so hard when you are already exhausted. When Hallie is awake she is crazy active, it is non stop. 

I have to say though, she does laugh constantly now (when she isn’t crying) and that is just lovely. I even have to grin when it is midnight and she is laid between Matt and I giggling at nothing, that just beings us back down to earth and we remember why we are doing this. She is the best

Currently she is waving her arms around and laughing. She doesn’t look one bit tired, here’s to another night of fun.

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