My baby is so active.

Hallie is now (well almost) 9 months old, and she is everywhere. There is not a minute of rest, she is on the go constantly and she is unbelievably strong.  The last two days have been full on, with teething and constant movement. Hallie seems to like to test things with her head, if she isn’t sure about an object she will head butt it, nightmare. I am so proud of everything she is achieving and how quickly she is progressing, but gosh it is tiring. 

Today I met up with my mummy friends and again I cannot emphasise how much this helps bring you back down to earth. I again realised I am not alone in this, all the babies seem to be at this stage, and we all look knackered! It is funny how we all thought we were so tired in the beginning, and we were, but this is a different kind of tired, this a physically tired. My arms are going to be incredibly toned. Another common theme seems to be clinginess, which I think we are putting down to the teething and wanting constant attention. I can get zero done at the moment, apart from have a wee, I can do that alone. Win.  

It is 11pm and I can still hear Hallie crying and Matt trying to get her to sleep…scratch that she has just been plonked next to me…sleep is not happening tonight, maybe I will be up for the 4am election results after all. 


It’s a good job she is so cute!

Maybe she just wants to watch an American lady make history…

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