Bono, NO

So we now live in a world where Bono has been shortlisted for ‘Woman of the year’, why? Because of his campaigning for women’s rights…OK, but still…



I love this tweet, because 1. it is hilarious and 2. it shows how utterly ridiculous the whole thing is. Bono does stand for some great things, so make him Man of the year! I wonder if he would make the shortlist for that?

It’s insulting, like there isn’t enough women to choose from, out of all the amazing women in this world, preforming world changing actions every day, they pick a man.

So I say p*ss off Glamour Magazine, with your stupid idea to raise your profile and get people talking about you, I mean it has, but I now hate you a bit and think others will too.

I have started my own ‘Woman of the year’ award, and that goes to me and you, to all the mummies, old and new, for performing a miracle with our incredible bodies. To all those mummies raising children, to all the mummies who are sleep deprived and still manage a smile for their little one. To the mummies that just spent an hour on a new baby recipe, only for it to be rejected forcefully against the wall. To all the mummies that haven’t showered for longer then 30 seconds in months or enjoyed a solo trip to the toilet for longer than you care to remember. 

To us! (not Bono)

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