I turned 30

It happened, I turned 30, and it was great. I stayed out until 4am and my party ended at 6am, I was then pretty much dead for a week, but it was well worth it.

Thank you to all my family and friends for your time and presents, it was awesome.

My mum and sister looked after baby Hallie while Matt and I had a couple of nights away. Just before we left mum recalled when she left me as a baby, I was fine when she was away but when she returned and I saw her, I cried and cried as I realised she had gone. This exact thing happened when Hallie saw me after our break, she smiled and then it was like it suddenly hit her I had been gone, and she became hysterical. It is nice to be missed but it did make me feel slightly guilty.

It was great to get away, but I think one night might have been enough to start with, as I was missing her a lot the second day. Maybe that trip to New York without her isn’t going to be happening any time soon.

Being 30 has so far been amazing. Much better than 29, what a rubbish number. I can’t get upset about getting older, as it is a gift some don’t get, and I feel very lucky for everything I have and proud of everything I have achieved so far.

I do wonder, that if I didn’t already have Hallie, would my internal baby clock alarm be ringing? I didn’t think I had one, but as soon as I saw that baby growing inside me, I realised I do. So now I am wondering if that would be starting to change for me now if I didn’t have Hal’s, would my mind set start to change…I guess I will never know!

I didn’t have a ‘bucket list’ pre-30 but I am starting to think I should have one, only maybe more of a wish list, as don’t want to tempt fate if I get to the end of it! Any suggestions, hit me up in the comments…these can be including baby Hallie or without. I do want to travel more, however I am slowly realising that trips with Hallie now, at 9months almost, will be nowhere near as easy as it was at 4months. Crawling, teething, pulling herself up, needing constant attention, less naps…not really conducive to a relaxing/exploring trip away.

I won’t post a completed list as I don’t think it will be something that will end, but I will post the work in progress.

disclaimer; this post would have been better, however sleep has been limited for a while now due to teething (and birthday partying). I am sure this will improve soon…right? Please tell me it will…

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