And we have teeth!

Finally! I can see and feel a little tooth popping through.

Hallie looked pretty impressed with herself as she bit my finger with her little tooth. I am pretty relieved it had appeared, as this week she has been a nightmare teething baby.

Isn’t it weird how proud you feel when they do something like grow a tooth. The relief as well, knowing you are one step closer to them not being in pain with their teeth. I was literally overjoyed, she bit me, I felt it, then I spent the next five minutes encouraging her to open her mouth so I could look and there it was, very slightly emerging for her gum. I was so excited that she got excited too and we messaged Daddy straight away to tell him. He asked for photo evidence, then immediately followed with a message saying what a stupid idea that was, as a) he would never see it and b) she never opens that mouth when we want her to, especially for doctors with lollipop sticks.

With the joy, is the knowledge that there is more pain and tears ahead. Yelps when you are feeding her and crying as you try and settle her at bedtime.

Hallie started showing signs of teething from a young age, before she could hold objects such as teething rings. We decided to her a Gummee Glove, which are great, it is a glove with a teething ring that they can wear themselves and bring to their mouths.


They have fantastic vibrant colours

Once Hallie was able to hold objects, she liked to hold the teething ring on it’s own as it is removable from the glove and just the right size…


Great shape for grasping

We have had a couple of really bad nights when her cheeks have been very rosy and the crying is constant with mammoth amounts of dribble, in these cases Calpol has eased her.

During the day the Ashton & Parsons teething powders seem to sooth her along with her teething rings. If it is a particularly bad day Anbesol comes to the rescue, with a few dabs on her gums. I have heard people swear by Amber necklaces and bracelets, but I know Hallie would pull at it all day long, so we have gone for other options.

Teething isn’t fun for anyone, but we are getting there.

Comment below your teething tips!

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