Bathtime fun!

I have been lucky enough to team up with Sebamed to check out their baby products…


I try not to use too many products on Hallie and she has lovely skin and I do worry about what is in some of the leading branded products, so once I had read up about the Sebamed baby range I was more than happy to give it a go.

Their products are a ‘Soap-free formulation with the pH value of 5.5 supports the development of the baby′s acid mantle and the moisture balance in the skin’.

I found myself using the Baby Bubble Bath, Children’s Shampoo and the Diaper (nappy) Rash Cream.

The Bubble Bath and the Shampoo seem so lovely and mild, whilst also giving of a sense of freshness. There is no strong scent that would send alarm bells ringing, like there is with other products. During Hallie’s first month+ we only used water and then moved on to some mild baby products, I wish I had known about Sebamed then as I would have began using it in the early months. 

Hallie is a very wriggly jiggly baby, so bath time is always fun! She has always been very active in the bath, so inevitably soap and water flows down her face in her refusal to put her head back. I don’t worry about this with Sebamed as it is so gentle it causes her no harm or tears!


Post bath happiness

We (Hallie), don’t normally have the problem of a red bottom unless teething strikes! So we normally use a petroleum jelly type product as a barrier. However when it is red it is nice to have a product to cool and sooth, which the diaper cream did. Again it is a mild product with a creamy texture like other nappy rash creams out there. What I did notice is that the redness seemed to disappear quicker with the Sebamed nappy cream, meaning Hallie was soothed quicker which is the main goal (especially at bedtime!).

There are some other lovely looking products; cleansing bars, body lotion, baby cream. As I mentioned earlier I don’t like to use too many products at once with Hallie only being 7+ months, but I will be holding on to these to use in the future!

They are the kind of products you can bring into your regular bath time routine. In the past I have tried some that I would only feel comfortable using once a week (if at all). I have had a little look on their UK website and there are some great bath time bundle deals, making the products and affordable choice (you also don’t need to use much at all).

Thanks for the trial, I am converted.

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