Getting my style back

Autumn is upon us!

This can only mean one thing…a new wardrobe of clothes.

I gave birth in the winter, began to emerge from the house by spring and spent some of the summer covering up (as what new mum has time to keep up her fake tan, or actual tan for that matter). So I feel like autumn is the season to get back to me. 

It’s time to call back all those clothes I lent to my sister, during some pregnancy dark days, where I didn’t want to see my nice clothes anymore. Apart from the gym stuff, she can keep that, I’m not there yet. It is also time to hit ASOS and order 3 different sizes of everything they stock (another great thing about being a busy mum, I have no time to care what size clothing I am).

I wouldn’t say I am stylish, but I wouldn’t say I am not either, I just have my style, this kind of sums it up… 


I do like a bit of sparkle, ordered these the other day, after being sucked in by a Facebook advert.

So new(ish) mums this is our time! Autumn/Winter 2016, we no longer have to worry about our lumps and bumps, we can wear black! And lots of it. Online shopping is at its all time best, so we don’t have to try and fit us and a push chair into a fitting room.

If you are wondering where to start, because lets face it we were only able to shop at H&M, Next or M&S (for leggings) when pregnant, here is a little list of online retailers I like…

  • ASOS (casual, formal, wedding wear, holidays, you name it they do it)
  • River Island
  • Boohoo (cheap and cheerful, won’t last forever but will suit you for a night out)
  • Inthestyle
  • Missguided
  • Minnies Boutique
  • Whistles (boots are great)
  • And ASOS again and again 

My advice would be, buy stuff you would have bought 12 months ago. Do NOT buy (hate the word) mumsy, baggy clothing, this will not make you feel good. Just buy what you like but maybe a size up, don’t try and fit into stuff if it no longer fits, this again will not make you feel good and it will make you look bigger than you actually are.

I am now going to have a look through the above sites and come back to you with my finds!

Good luck

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