Musical Tot

Hallie has liked music from the day she was born. I think most babies do. So why not take them to music classes! Anything that involves music and singing is a must

Hallie has enjoyed Music Bugs and will be starting again this month. I didn’t want her to miss out while we waited so I tried something new, Music Tots

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 20.47.38

Taken before the name tag became dribble ridden & scrunched up.

Music Tots is great, lots of signing and lots of movement to keep the babies/toddlers entertained. With the babies and toddlers comes parents, lots of mummies and daddies to interact with. It can be a long day without a class to go to or an adult to hold a conversation with, and it makes it that bit easier having people to chat with that are in the same situation.  

As well as the adults interacting, another good thing about the classes is the children get to interact. They have a play session at the start, which eases them into the environment and each other, by the time the class starts they are all best friends and ready to join in together. Even from a really young age at Music Bugs they lay on the blankets and reach out to each other, cute.

Hallie is at the stage where everything goes in her mouth, so she loves it when the props come out at the classes. The finger lights are great, her eyes follow it whenever it goes. The parachute section is a favourite for all the children (and auntie Lauren, whose face lit up today when ‘I am the music man’ started playing). There a lots more surprises, but I won’t give them all away. 

And of course the music, Music Bugs has the Piccolo music and Music Tots have nursery rhymes and Disney tunes. It is amazing how quickly they pick up the songs and recognise them.

Just the other day we were in the last half hour of our car journey and the only thing that would stop Hallie from crying was me singing ‘When I get up in the morning’ (Piccolo music), I ran out of verses so made up my own “when I get up in the morning I like a glass of wine, I go slurp, slurp, that is what I do”, my partner genuinely thought this was part of the song and began to question my choice of children’s music. 

All the playlists are on Spotify so you can carry on the fun at home. Hallie is partial to a Disney playlist.

The bonus on top…your baby is really tired after it and will for sure take a nap.

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