Taking a baby to a wedding (TOP TIPS)

Last Friday we enjoyed a lovely child friendly wedding.  I immediately felt more relaxed about the whole situation when I knew lots of other children and babies would be there.

These are somethings that made it easier, and some things I wish I had done…

Double check children are allowed. We made that mistake with Hallie’s first wedding and it was too late not to take her.

Check out the location. Is there somewhere to put the pram and carseat etc.

Take plenty of milk, clean bottles and dummies. Take a bottle or dummy into the ceremony. Take the ready made milk and your sterilised bottles if that is an option, so much easier.

Take spare clothes for your baby. Get a dress/outfit half the price of the one you are looking at, then you can take two! Or just take spare frilly knickers/trousers and a sleepsuit so they can cosy down later on.

Take your baby’s comforts. Take their blankets etc as it is a long day and they will be napping there.

Sit at the back of the ceremony. You can then make a swift exit should you need to.

Take a new toy. Take something new for your baby to explore and sit (quietly) with.

Let people enjoy sometime with your baby. No doubt people will ask to have a hold or come up and show and interest, so let them! It is a long day and a different face will help occupy your baby for a bit longer.

Stay to whatever time suits your baby. People understand you have a baby, we left about 11:30pm as she slept a bit there, but then also don’t leave at 7pm, one late night isn’t going to do any harm (and you might get a slight lay in the next day, winner).

And remember to take everything you normally would for a trip out, i.e.plenty of nappies!

BONUS FOR PARENTS. You have to take pretty much your entire house contents, so don’t forget some flat shoes for yourself, shove them under the pram, along with anything else you can’t fit in your tiny wedding bag (make up, hairspray etc etc). 


Don’t forget to ask/check there is a high chair

Oh and don’t forget to enjoy it 🙂

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