Dating with a baby

We managed to go on a date! A real date.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 09.36.11

People tell you, you should go out more often, but when you trust less than three people with your baby, that can be quite difficult. We have had a night away for my partners birthday, it was less than three miles from my mums house where Hallie was staying, but it was still lovely and the fact I could get back if needed made me enjoy it more.

Why is dating so hard when you have a baby? It was so easy before, we went out all the time, we were never short of things to do in London, but now, I am either; too tired, or feeling like I want to sit in silence whilst watching Bake Off and playing solitaire. Both of those things, plus feeling I look ‘mumsy’ in everything I wear and I missing our baby the second I leave the house.

You start the date with the elation that you only have to take your wallet and a small hand bag. When you arrive at the destination, the fact you only have a small hang bag makes you feel out of the ordinary and even more self conscious.

This time we went to the cinema (which I know is a dull choice), but I had been poorly and I was extremely tired, and quite frankly I needed some quiet. I should also mention we were staying with my Mum (up North) so we had to take the opportunity to leave the house while we had a babysitter.

I picked the film ‘Bad Mom’s’- maybe just to check I wasn’t doing anything they did. So far I haven’t but I can see some of the scenario’s are not out of the realms of possibility in the future…

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 09.32.17.png

Perfect cheesy comedy, that didn’t take much concentration.

It was nice to be out the house together on our own, but it is hard to talk about anything other than Hallie, unless it’s about buying a house, which isn’t exactly chilled date chat either. I guess the more we go out the more normal it will become. I know it is important to go out with your partner and keep up with your relationship, after all it was the foundation of our relationship that led us to bring our baby into the world.

We struggle with babysitters in London, if my sister isn’t free it’s a no go. We can go out separately but not together very often. Now Hallie goes down earlier we can use that time to have some us time, maybe cook steak and drink wine, and not use the time to sleep as, tempting as it might be. I can see why living near your family when you have a child is a bonus, not just for time out alone, but also support at home.

Our next date is going to involve leaving the house for more than two hours…watch this space!

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