The good the bad and the ugly

Illness has struck the Hughes-Hall household. Well, it has for Hallie and myself, not my partner (yet) as he has the ‘constitution of a horse’ as he keeps telling me. 

Just when I was starting to chill and worry less, Hallie now has a cough and cold. Nothing serious, I know, but doesn’t mean you  don’t worry does it. Why is night time the worst for worry? I lay there and THE most ridiculous things cross my mind and I check her constantly, as now she has mastered very quiet breathing, sometimes she treats me to a snort or loud exhale so I don’t have to sit up and check her. But last night was a whole new level of obsessive checking. Checking that her snotty nose hadn’t blocked her from breathing, like a giant bogey might block her air hole, that could happen right?

I was right to worry about the bogeys though, as this morning she was completely blocked. She is now unblocked after many dry coughs and sneezes, in what my partner described as ‘as scene from goosebumps’. Grim. Apparently they get 100’s of coughs and colds in the first couple of years, some are just worse than others. I can tell it isn’t too serious as she is still climbing around like a monkey, but is taking very regular naps bless her.

My tip for dry noses, or rather to stop them getting sore, just a little bit of vaseline or barrier cream. My friend also suggested that if they are bit sore around the mouth from teething/dribbling.

Anyway you have to take the rough with the smooth, so we have had the rough this morning and this afternoon will be the smooth with Disney films. There is nothing better than cuddling on the sofa with your baby, watching Disney films. Bliss. They only thing is, being poorly as a mum isn’t quite as easy with a baby, but I think as long as I take care of her for the day, that will do. Not cleaning e.t.c. and washing can wait.

So following the title of this post, we have had; the good – Disney films, the bad – sea of bogeys and now for the ugly…yesterday Hallie started falling ill and must have been feeling dehydrated as she produced what can only be described as a piece of lego in her nappy.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.27.43 I freaked out. I rang my partner on loud speaker (as a follow up to the picture I sent) to discuss why our daughter had all of sudden started producing solid, plasticine style poops. Hallie has never been a lover of water, and has always drank so much milk she could never risk dehydration, but she had taken a bit less due to feeling under the weather and this happened. So I spent the late afternoon and evening trying to get a few oz of water down her. She wasn’t too impressed. Ah the things we see! And the things we have to do. I might submit a picture to the baby centre gallery of poops, it was that special.

Yet again the Sleepyhead bed has been amazing, Hallie is happily laying next to me on the sofa in it, she’s nice a cosy and safe in her Sleepyhead whilst feeling poorly. At 6.30am this morning my partner left for work and Hallie was grizzly, so I lifted her (in her Sleepyhead) onto the bed next to me where she fell back to sleep. Great product.


Today she wants to sleep with bunny on her head, I move it, she puts it back…

Anyway better get back to fever watch. 



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