Argh Weaning!! (The beginning)

Weaning, what did I know about weaning…not much. What do I know now about weaning…a little bit more.

I knew Hallie was almost ready for it, so I did start to plan it, roughly, I read some stuff at least and asked myself some questions.

What did I want to feed Hallie? Did I want to make it all myself? What highchair did I want? What bibs should I get, or shirt style bibs, or a wipe clean mat, or should I cover everything with cling film? Did I want to feed Hallie? Did I want her to explore food herself? If I was to buy the food what brand would I buy? Will I give her water? Will I give her juice? etc etc etc.

I worked out that what I DID want, and that was a happy and relaxed atmosphere for Hallie to feel comfortable to eat in, which would mean I would need to be relaxed. Which led to the next question, was I comfortable with BLW (baby led weaning, no they don’t go help themselves in the fridge when the feel peckish, but they do hold and explore food themselves). I have done a lot of reading on BLW and I do find the concept interesting and can see how it would work well, however, I don’t feel my baby is ready for it yet (and we know our own baby, right?), therefore I have decided to start Hal’s on Puree to start with until she gets use to having something other than milk in her mouth and gets the hang of sending it to the back of her throat and swallowing. 

It might be worth mentioning Hallie is not 6 months yet she is 5 months, I think when she hits 6 months she might be ready for something slightly more solid, but for the moment she is happily exploring different pureed food flavours, and making an excellent mess of it.

I Purchased the Beaba Babycook, which steams and then blends the veg/fruit you put in. I liked it because it is straight forward and not very time consuming, like 20mins max. I wanted to have a go at cooking her first foods, because why not? I have the time (ish) and it’s nice to know its fresh and there is no crap in there. 

We began with apples then carrot, followed by pear, all were a success (pear is in the lead at the moment). I was so excited for her to try it after I had made it, I had forgotten to be scared and worried. There isn’t anything to worry about, they are bound to splutter and gag a little, this is good! They are learning. (Naturally when her foods get more solid I will be worried, but I will not show it to her; remain calm and happy, remain calm and happy, remain calm and happy, say it with me now…arghhhhhhh).

Below is her first spoonfuls of apple, so happy…


We have been using the Tommee Tippee bowls and spoons, not 100% sold on the spoons I think I might shop around, they seem slightly big for those first few mouthfuls of food. The highchair is Joie Baby Mumzy Snacker (owl), It is pretty big, the legs take up a lot of room, but I love it and it reclines right back if they fall asleep :).


Last weekend we decided to head up north to visit family, I didn’t want to take the Babycook so I opted for some Ella’s Kitchen pouches. Just sticking to simple flavours; apples, sweet potatoes, squash, pears etc. She loved these just as much, and although I got the mummy guilts at me not making them, I still felt happy knowing its organic veg/fruit that hasn’t had anything added to it. Lovely.

I feel a quite strongly about feeding Hallie the good stuff, I know people say ‘well look what our parents fed us and we are fine’, but the point is we have the knowledge now, on what we should and shouldn’t eat, and I don’t want to ignore that I want to embrace it and feed my baby the best I can. (I am no way saying that one day I won’t be letting her taste the delights of a cheeky Maccy D’s, because quite frankly that would be cruel), but right now she is have the good stuff, no well known brand baby food full of crap.

So that’s it, my baby is growing up so quickly and now eating. Stay tuned to see what happens after puree’s. Oh one other thing worth mentioning, the nappies and trumps are a whole new level of horrific and this is just the beginning. Hallie also got a little constipated (nothing a few prunes didn’t sort, thanks Ella). 

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