Ultimate Holiday Packing List for Babies

Taking the plunge and holidaying abroad with your little one? I did exactly that last week. This is the list we used for Hallie at nearly 5 months old.

Packing was the hard bit (well that and lugging so many cases around). I managed to create a list before and now I have refined it on my return, so hopefully in the future, it will be a tiny bit easier.

Top Picks

  1. Babymoov Anti-UV Travel Playpen, this was amazing, I seriously don’t think the IMG_9926holiday would have been as good with out this. My partner could happily be in the pool, and I could lie and read next to Hallie while she playing in it, she loved it! I think I might have to start putting it up on the living room.






2. Sleepyhead Bed, I have said how good it is at home and when I travel to my mums, so I didn’t want to risk not taking it on holiday. I am happy to say its magical powers worked just as well abroad and left my baby sleeping soundly to sometimes 11am! It might look big but it is squishy so you can just place it in the top of your case.


3. Silver Cross Zest Stroller, Brilliantly light weight and easy to fold up. It lays flat so perfect for smaller babies that are just making the transition to stroller. Hallie was good as gold in this while we ate our evening meal and enjoyed a few naps in there.


4. Toys from home, no need to bring the whole toy box, but just a few of your baby’s faves. I took her a soft toy she has all the time, a small musical one and a little rattle. Those and a couple of muslin cloths kept her entertained for hours.

Right now onto the the main list, get ready and prepare yourself. If you would like a Google Sheet copy, drop me a message.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.16.08

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.16.18

It is hard not to over pack! I think the list above is realistic, and we managed to fit everything in. Bring on the next holiday!!

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