The look of disgust

Today Hallie had her first trip on a train, to glamorous Grimsby to visit my Dad.

We were only on there half an hour so I thought it was the perfect time to feed her.

As soon as I got sat down on the train I noticed the older lady across from me didn’t look too happy at our presence near her. I ignored her and carried on talking to Hallie and proceeded to feed her. During this short trip two things happened that disturbed me.

  1. As a chatted away to my three month old, another mother and her friend decided to laugh and mock me for talking to my daughter. Luckily I am confident enough not to let that bother me (I just switched it up a notch and continued to rhyme every word), I know it is completely normal and essential to speak to you child no matter how old, this is how they learn. Mocking mum’s is not cool, especially when you are a mother yourself, where is the support?! Please talk to your babies! It helps you bond and helps them learn.
  2. I continued to talk to Hallie and feed her. Once she had finished I went on to burp her, on a train or not, my baby is getting burped, I am not letting her suffer wind for the benefit of miserable idiots. So that is what I did, as an miserable idiot watched and gave me a tut and appalled look as Hallie let out a gigantic burp. Again I didn’t let it bother me and praised Hallie as I always do.

I don’t know if the second lady was a mother, but what happened to women supporting women, or humans supporting each other for that matter. Not one person offered to help me on or off that train or even gave us a smile.

Never the less, it didn’t change my day, I still had a great day with my daughter, and we chatted away 🙂

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