Massaging my baby

This week Hallie and I went to baby massage.

In all honesty I almost didn’t go. Just before we were due to leave Hallie did the biggest poo, followed by vomit and extreme crying. It then also had began to snow, SNOW, in April (almost May!).

Anyway I decided to get my sh*t together and get to that class.

Hallie went on her first bus ride, her first tube ride and her first walk through the woods in the snow (this is just to the baby massage class).

I didn’t know much about baby massage and what I hadn’t realised is you take their nappy off. Now I am not sure if this is just my baby, but anytime I take Hallie’s nappy off and her bits reach open air, she has a wee without fail. Regardless of this I was brave and whipped it off.

You are given a booklet with a list of the moves and some baby massage oil (and some refreshments, yay!). Hallie was great at first, in fact she seemed to be loving it, as I massaged her tummy and her legs and her little feet. Well, I managed one leg and then she started to cry. Mostly, I think, to join in with the chorus of the other babies. She then decided to wee, so I cleaned this up and picked her up to comfort her, but of course she hadn’t finished and continued to wee on my top and jeans.

Luckily this was the end of the session and I quickly got her dressed and back in the baby carrier to sooth her to sleep.

The techniques we learnt were useful, it is difficult to do too much before your baby gets tired/hungry/irritated, but they have stuck in my mind and I am looking forward to trying it when she is calm and happy (so probably never after bath time, as soon as she leaves the bath she screams the house down).

I will be going back to the class (because I have paid) and also because the techniques seemed to work and Hallie let out a lot of gas. She has suffered with wind problems from about three weeks old, she is slowly growing out of it, but anything that can help I will do. Infacol, Anti-Colic bottles and now massage have been a saviour.

After class we trekked home and carried on about our business until my partner got home and we prepped for our next big adventure, IKEA.

It was only as I was sat in the car on the way to IKEA I realised I still had the jeans on Hallie had peed all over. It was that moment I felt like a ‘real mum’.

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