Mama got to eat

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 13.37.46

Eight weeks into motherhood and I am realising I need to make time to eat, and drink for that matter. 

I have started to notice that what I do eat now is starting to stick, no longer is there a baby to take some of the load and I am not breastfeeding anymore, so whatever I eat is finding its way to my thighs and stomach.

From the beginning I have needed something quick, fairly healthy if possible, but most importantly something that it fills me and keeps me going. This is when I came across ‘Lean in 15‘ the new quick & healthy cooking craze by Joe Wicks. A friend started Instagraming these delicious looking creations followed by #leanin15 and after some Googling and You Tubing I liked what I saw and purchased the book (via my iphone of course, I barely have time to nip to the corner shop never mind hit up Waterstones).

I did not regret paying the price, it is brilliant. You can see from the photo’s above you have decent size portions and they look scrummy! The best thing about ‘Lean in 15’ is the time it takes! So quick and easy, you pretty much throw it all in a pan, stir it and it’s done.

As a busy mum I cannot recommend these meals highly enough, especially when you have a hungry partner returning home and you don’t want to spend your baby free time cooking!

I should probably say there is an exercise element to this as well, should you wish to part take. Needless to say eight weeks into motherhood post C-Section, I haven’t quite got round to that part yet, but I will, at some point, some time. 

My top faves are;

  • In a Hurry Curry Fried Rice
  • Itallian Stallion Sausages
  • Tortilla Pizza
  • Lamb Kofta

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