New Mum must have items

There are many lists out there but here is what got me through the early days…

  • Sleepyhead Bed, I didn’t purchase initially but I wish I had. It is great for all sleeping situations; you can put it in the baby’s cot, on the sofa, in your bed (makes it safer), wherever you like, you can just pick it up and move it. I found Hallie slept for longer when using the Sleepyhead bed, I think due to her being surrounded and cosy, I’m not 100% sure but it works and I have many friends it has worked for as well.

For those co-sleeping moments


  • Electric Breast Pump, I was not even going to breastfeed, it wasn’t for me! But somehow it happened (well for three weeks anyway). I mostly pumped due to my breasts resembling mellons and poor Hallie not being able to latch on they were that full. To quote the midwife “I could have fed the street”. The Lansinoh pump worked great for me, the double electric pump and gave me some relief. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT bother with a hand pump, you will never get back those hours with your baby, go electric.
  • Tiny Love napper/rocker, I already had this ready for Hallie, my friend had one and works perfectly for living room sleeping. I just needed somewhere for her to nap that was safe and she was surrounded in. The great thing about this product is it also goes from flat to upright, plays songs and vibrates, what more could you want!



Perfect for living room napping


  • Infinite amount of muslin cloths, think you have enough? You don’t. They are like socks and hair grips, they just vanish. You will use then for everything; on the changing mat, wipe dribble, wipe sick, dry them etc etc.
  • Next to Me Crib, another must have in my eyes. Unexpectedly I had a C-Section and so I had reduced movement big time. I found the worst time for me was in bed, laying down sitting up etc, this is when I praised the Next to Me Crib. They are just next to you, you can see them and watch them sleep until your heart is content. You can also pick them up fairly easily. 



Ideal post C-Section


  • Netflix (no chill), OK so get a series that is easy to watch as you won’t see much of it, but it makes for great background noise during the long quiet days (apart from baby crying). 
  • Boots Maternity Pads, again think you have enough? You don’t. You will go through a lot of these so stock up. You will need the thick ones bit also the thinner ones in weeks to come (or normal pads will do then).
  • Nipple cream, breastfeeding or not your nipples will change and will need cream, Lansinoh worked for me. 
  • Boots breast pads, a fair few will be needed, you will leak like there is no tomorrow every time your baby cries, weird but true.
  • Angel Care nappy bin, A LOT of nappies are going to be bagged up and thrown away, you will not have time to be in and out to the bin. These bins are ideal and cheap.

There is my list, it obviously depends on you as a person and your baby, but it is worth hearing what others have got and what will make those early days and beyond easier! Think I have missed some vitals? Comment those missing must haves.


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